Ubuntu 12.04: The First Beta Available

Ubuntu Linux for Smartphones, Tablets and Touch Devices

The march of Ubuntu 4.12 , codenamed “Precise Pangolin”, continues unabated. The next edition of GNU / Linux is expected to be South African-born on April 26, during which time the development team continues to churn out intermediate versions to allow users and enthusiasts to test what has been achieved. After three months of the first Alpha, Ubuntu 12.04 is thus able to reach the Beta stage , with the first of a series of releases that will come in the next few weeks.

One of the most interesting new features included in this release is to enable the default of ‘ Head-Up Display (HUD), a feature introduced a few months in the Unity desktop that allows you to receive notifications and perform different operations in other than the past, thanks to special pop-up acts for this purpose.Some provision made by developers, then, give you greater control over the appearance of the desktop, they can actually access the configuration items not previously available.

Those who own a laptop powered by Intel’s Sandy Bridge architecture, then, can be a useful ally in Ubuntu 12.04 for energy saving by introducing a feature called RC6 and enabled by default at this Beta edition. Thanks to RC6, Canonical says, appear to be possible to obtain fuel economy by at least 40%, with cases in which it has come as 60% , increasing the autonomy quite sensitively on the distribution of laptops based brainchild of Mark Shuttleworth.

Other important innovations include support for ClickPad , or where the trackpad buttons are to be integrated on the surface to control the pointer, updating several applications already present during installation of the Linux kernel, which comes in this release to versionee 3.2.0-17.27, and some improvements to international language support. The second beta version should arrive on the 29th of March, about a month before the final release of what will be the new edition with long term support of Ubuntu.

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