Trojan – Trojan From Glory to Nightmare on the Computer

Trojan Horse, is one of the most dramatic in detail the story of the Trojan War. It has fully had the qualities of human beings for a long time: the cunning, fraud – and of course, without it, no one can come to its final destination.

Troy’s offensive Odysseus might have become hopeless effort if there is no conspiracy. He ordered his soldiers build a giant wooden horse, big enough for the Greek soldiers could enter inside. At the same time, a man named Simon was convinced that the head of Troy, Greek soldiers had fled, and left this horse as a trophy – it will bring luck and prosperity to Troy.
The head of the city of Troy has agreed to pick the spoils into the city. And that night, when everyone is asleep after a party hearty celebration, Greek soldiers sneak out of the wooden horse and made his job – killing, burning and destruction.

Trojan Horse is a familiar historical account of Greek mythology that anyone may have ever heard, but most readers would have known this name when he dabbled into the world of computers and Internet . Trojan Horse, or Trojan, a program is quite common but extremely dangerous, it knows how to hide themselves under cover of the program other seemingly harmless.
Its mode of operation not unlike the way that Odysseus wooden horse used in the article at the top stories: Once you’ve installed it on your computer, it will infect other files on the system’s you, and of course, turned the place into a battlefield strewn with literally. Even, it can leak the secret information out of you, spread rampant on the Internet, and from there, the hacker can easily control your computer, slowing your system or worse – demolish it.

Essentially, do not really like the Trojan virus, but everyone calls it the “Trojan horse”, “Trojan virus” or simply “Trojan”. Whether or worse, undermining our ability is undeniable. But what happens when the Trojan into your computer? How careless can you open up the door for them? And how you can survive this disease?
Trojan into your computer like?
You can not believe this, but you are the person opening them in the procession. To Trojan can work, you need to install a certain application on your own computer – or a machine is on the server side. This can easily be done by the common trick tricks, hackers will convince you to download a software or a certain application. Or they will be directly sent to the mail program you, hoping you will install it.
This is the reason why the name Trojan Horse was born. You will need to open the file. This exe to install and start the process of spreading. Trojans do not have the ability to infect the virus.
The most common method of dispersal is the spam Trojan. There are hundreds, even thousands of spam are sent each day by a hacker. And once you open the attachment in the mail, you have real trouble.

Even you do not need to be hands on activities, the hackers can get your computer to do this automatically, if your computer was previously infected with Trojan. Crackers, Hackers with their skills can turn your computer into that computer. You still carefree everyday use them without knowing that there were guys head strap and shock as the shock disorder. Furthermore, hackers can also connect the computer code together to form a real nightmare – botnet.
Protect yourself before the Trojan like?
You can completely protect themselves before the outbreak of this disease. The simplest is to never open any email, or downloading any files of unknown origin that. With email, right arm and remove all spam messages. Or you can install a antivirus software features for them to do this job for you.

If you realize your computer has been infected with Trojan, immediately disconnect from the Internet and start the process of purifying your beloved computer. Use antivirus software to remove the suspect file, or reinstall the operating system, and if things become too complicated to you, do not hesitate to help for help from people who have understanding.
Reference : HowStuffWorks
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