Tools for Taking Notes in the Cloud

Tools for Taking Notes in the Cloud 1

Let’s admit it: Evernote is a fantastic tool but you can leave some things to be desired. It all depends on personal taste . With each update adding more features that make fantastic and can be used for basically anything we want. But it is understandable that someone wants to use an alternative. Maybe things are looking a bit more minimalist, or do not need all the options offered by Evernote.

The point is that, in regards to scoring in the cloud there are several options. Revoseek selected five including counting the small but powerful Notesy, Springpad suite, the new Pinfolio, and more. We will make a brief analysis of these tools that allow us to take notes and save them in the cloud.


Pinfolio is a relatively new tool that allows us to share your notes in the form of web page or even an ebook . Through a web interface you can create notes and store them and then convert them into the format you see fit. In addition to the web, we have access to a collection of applications for different devices. And you can add markers, links, and photographs  in the same way as in Evernote. Pinfolio web gives us an address where you can share our notes with other people if you want to. When we have a final version, definitively You can create files to read iPad, Kindle, Nook and more .


With Springpad we are again with a handy web scorer, but also has a very pretty interface and easy to use . If we have to highlight something of this application is “its design”. The idea is that we create a notebook to keep certain things such as recipes, a photo book, project ideas, whatever. The scorer then can share with family, friends and colleagues to continue working in groups .It has a Web Clipper with which we can gather information from internet. But the most interesting aspect of Springpad is that it allows more information , compiled by the same application- related to a topic  after saving the scorer. For example, if we keep a title of a book it will tell us what stores we can buy online. It also has mobile applications for storage when not dealing with the PC.


This application is interesting because it allows us to synchronize the notes that we are taking with Google Docs. The emphasis of NoteSync is on the speed in which we can take notes and the convenience of being able to keep them in Docs , or rather, in Google Drive. It has a very important search functionality also powered by Google and with a number of keyboard short-cuts to facilitate the work. It is Great For those who are concerned about the safety features a secure data transmission through HTTPS. The only disadvantage is that the applications synchronization is not free, but at least in the case of Android work well and have a nice interface. Through the website you can access your notes from wherever we are. This application works by creating a folder called Docs NoteSync where all our notes are stored but in turn, if you create a document in Drive and add it to that folder will also sync with NoteSync.


It is Called the “collaborative online notebook”, Memonic is focused on being a good Web Clipper and for this reason can also be used as a supplement of  EvernoteIt can also be a plugin for other programs such as SugarCRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce and Confluence. And it is also very easy to use: just have to add the icon to your bookmarks Memonic and then click where you want to save a web page. It is much simpler than with other applications. On the other hand, it also has a major battery application for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, and from the same browser.These applications are synchronized with our previous clippings so we can have them on hand whenever you need them. But not only keeps Memonic pages but also allows us to take notes which is ideal if you’re sailing and we have an idea. 


Finally, we close this list with Notesy which a nice scorer for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad  like NoteSync. It also has a giant behind: Notesy syncs with Dropbox so we can have our notes handy. The notes you take are automatically synchronized without intervention to a special folder in Dropbox where they are stored as plain text files. It also supports offline, so if we can take a note when we have a good connection and  Dropbox will be sent later. The notes you create can be stored in a shared folder on Dropbox, so it can also be used for collaborative work . Its only drawback is that it has a web version.In addition It Does not give us too many formatting options.


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