Five Tips for Those, Working as a Freelance

Working as FreelanceSelf-employment is at least an experience director. Of course, no one I know will tell you is simple. It is obviously much more comfortable working on a schedule and in a tax designated by other tasks.

Have to prepare, among other things, to perform certain tasks that are not directly related to the development itself, such as finding customers , management and monitoring of payment of bills , some accounting , and other activities with the you must deal like it or not.

In this article I will try to offer some personal advice would recommend to anyone wishing to continue venturing into the world of freelancing .

Get a schedule and stick

Like any other job, you need to spend a certain number of hours for financial gain enough. If you pursue a personal life get fully compatible with your work, set a maximum number of hours you devote to your career is almost indispensable. Ponte working hours , and try to fulfill to the letter.

Hire a tax consultant and accountant from the start

It seems silly, but there are still many professionals who seek to bring all the paperwork themselves from the beginning. In my opinion, several things have to take into account already during the day, especially the first few weeks, to be entertained by the accounts of your activity. It is better to have an expert who, in addition to advise you download from this heavy task and allow you to spend all your time on what you really like.

Almost all business incubators or bodies responsible for promoting self-employment, you will find offers such services at a reasonable price for someone starting out (sometimes you even offer it free for a while). Visit the Chamber Trade in your area and get the truth.

Spend some time to retrain

It is normal, especially when we started our first projects, most of the time we devote to them, and they almost nothing directly from us. But this is a mistake. The programming world is constantly changing, and you can not afford to fall behind. Assigns a fixed time each week to devote to your own training, and respect it as if it were another project. Think about what your weaknesses, what topics you would like to strengthen, and go for them. Buy yourself books on other programming languages, design patterns, algorithms, undertake, and basically any topic you find interesting and can be directly related to your work.

Take advantage of networking

It’s time to announce your qualities to the world. Create a profile on LinkedIn , Xing or other professional networking, adds to everyone that you meet, and try to complete your resume as much detail as you can on them. Search also those groups related to your knowledge, and join them.

Do not forget not to seek recommendations from those with whom you have worked before.Personally, the way it has opened more business opportunities for me has always been word of mouth.Strives for excellence in your work, and then let others speak of it for you.

Finally, sign up also in networks or more specialized mailing lists, having to do with the activity that normally develop. Many companies are looking for freelancers in these networks. Prepare a letter all about you, and send a little customizing to each of the companies whose bids encajarías think well.

Looking for jobs in the networks of freelancers

If you are in a time of little work, and still do not want to give you a vacation, visit freelancers networks in search of activities that can develop. Surely not the best paid, but if you are in a hurry, you can always turn to them to get some cash and let you know further.

Among the best known, we can find oDesk , Freelancer or freelance work

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