Sony Wants Independence Back and Offer Their Own Smartphones

Sony wants independence back and offer their own smartphonesIn 2001, the mobile specialist Ericsson, and the entertainment giant Sony in a 50-50 joint venture under the name Sony Ericsson joined forces.Now Sony wants to buy insider reportedly free from the partnership.

As the Wall Street Journal reported the reason for Sony to want to have more control over the smartphone and the devices to be better adapted to handheld devices like the PS shall Vita. Also, the uniform product design from the recently introduced Tablets and future phones will benefit from the independent development. The price for the Sony is reportedly willing to pay between 1.3 and 1.7 billion U.S. dollars. So far, this debate just how much Sony Ericsson’s worth, one of the reasons why it might take a while to restore Sony’s own smartphones. Overall, it is but the transaction as quickly as possible trying to get across the stage.


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