New Series Multi-function Samsung SCX-3400

New series Multi-function Samsung SCX-3400

The Samsung Electronics introduced six new multi-function (MFPs) Series MFP SCX-3,400 , which offer reliable and competitive solutions to printing, scanning and photocopying. The series is aimed at small and medium enterprises, providing high speed printing and low cost. 

Easy control and cost management Easy Series SCX-3400 combines advanced capabilities effectively with environmentally friendly features. With the button One Touch Eco activate the Eco mode , saving energy, ink and paper for maximum performance and saving resources. Moreover, the SCX-3400 series features the Easy Eco Driver ‘s Samsung, which allows custom settings for managing and control printing costs. Through this function, users can avoid unnecessary printing text or images without changing the original file, resulting in more efficient use of toner and paper.

Also, given the ability to print up to 8 pages on a single page, to increase savings. Moreover, the function Results Simulator of Easy Eco Driver displays the expected results of reducing emissions of CO2, the use of electricity and reduction in use of paper, according to user settings. Still, changing some settings, users can check the estimated costs and environmental impact. The SCX-3400 series features the program Easy Printer Manager of Samsung, which allows easy monitoring of the operation of the printer in real time. Also, thanks to Easy Printer Manager users have access to information about the state of the machine, ensuring quick and reliable information that helps maintain the printer. 

Unlimited wireless printing models SCX-3405W/3405FW with internet access allows you to print files mobile device from anywhere that has the application MobilePrint of Samsung. Furthermore, while conventional methods require a PIN 10-step installation process in a wireless network, wireless one-touch operation of the Samsung (button WPS) allows users to be connected to the multifunction through an access point / router in 2 minutes. Also, the mode Wi-Fi Direct connects directly compatible, portable devices with multifunction without any access point / router, omitting the complicated processes and startup device configuration. Speed counts The new printers feature fast 433 MHz processor with up to and 128 MB memory, allowing them to print up to 20 A4 pages per minute. 

Scanning is an easy and effective procedure that offers a wide variety of user-friendly functions. The models SCX-3400F, SCX-3405F and SCX-3405FW also have to send and receive faxes with advanced functions Fax-to-PC and PC-to-Fax.

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