Remove Scalado: An Application to Remove Unwanted Elements from Photos

Remove Scalado - An Application to Remove Unwanted Elements from Photos

It is not always easy to make a perfect shot, especially if we take the photograph in the street full of pedestrians, as surely one end appear in the snapshot. To avoid this, the creators of Scalado Rewind present us Scalado Remove .

Remove Scalado is an application through their algorithms can delete items that do not want to be part of our photography very easily, just by touching a finger to the item you want to delete.

When taking a photo with the application will make a series of shots to detect which items have been crossed in the middle. Scalado Remove highlight that we may remove items from the wall without being noticed thanks to photo retouching algorithms.

Applying Remove Scalado will be presented to the public in the coming Mobile World Congress 2012 and as with Scalado Rewind is intended for hardware manufacturers to incorporate the pre-installed on mobile phones and tablets.

For More information : Scalado

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