Pixel Qi : A Better Display of the Retina

iPad 3 with LTE, Quad-core CPU and Retinal Display

Pixel Qi , known Silicon Valley company engaged in the development of LCD innovative mobile devices, is working on a new type of screen last generation able to meet and exceed the quality of the Retina display of the new iPad . Low cost and low power consumption, in fact, are not sufficient: Apple has imposed a paradigm of quality and Pixel Qi is somehow forced to respond.

Shared across a post on the official blog of the company, the founder and CEO Mary Lou Jepsen has announced that Pixel Qi is working with partners and that the new display is already being finalized, it seems, the resolution of the panel will like that offered by the new Retina screen tablet with the bitten apple, i.e. 2048 × 2536 pixels, but that the technology part will impact less on battery , as shown by the graph bestowed for the occasion.

Pixel Qi

Pixel Qi display

The Jepsen pointed out that, according to the information you have about 90% of the battery in the new iPad is used to operate the high-resolution display, so it seems that Pixel Qi wants to enter the market for displays that operate at low power energy, specifically about 100 times less than the peak of energy expenditure of the new Apple tablet. All without the quality of the images displayed on screen to be penalized, in both the resolution in the contrast, color saturation and in the corner of vision .

No other information has been channeled around the period in which these panels will debut on the market and in which mobile devices will find application. Please note that the latest display launched from the same company that inserted nell’OLPC XO 3.0.

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