The OpenCL 1.2 is Announced

The OpenCL 1.2 is Announced 1

The Kronos group which is responsible for development of OpenCL has announced version 1.2. Contrary to what its name suggests, it is undergoing profound changes:

  • It is now possible to interact thrust between OpenGL and OpenCL and an image can  be created from an OpenGL texture multi-sampled real back and forth between calculations and display
  • Creating 2D images from a buffer to allow OpenCL flexibility in memory structures which are processed using advanced properties OpenCL images.
  • Security functions for implementations in WebCL Overlays OpenCL …

Manufacturers and mobile ARM chips seem particularly interested in the new OpenCL, suggesting novel programming capabilities and therefore ultimately also optimized use of the power delivered by the CPU cores and GPU. This is a big issue while ARM chips want to leave the tablets and phones to act as central processors in servers and laptops.


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