NVIDIA Joins The Linux Foundation

NVIDIA Joins The Linux Foundation

The multinational company specializing in the manufacture of components (such as GeForce and Tegra processors), NVIDIA , has joined the Linux Foundation . The company said that by joining the Foundation, hopes to improve its cooperation with organizations and developers contributing to the development of Linux.

The union implies that the three companies that dominate the market for graphics chips for PC ( AMD , Intel and NVIDIA ) are now members of the Linux Foundation. Looking to the users, this does not mean that short-term NVIDIA will change its policy on providing drivers to the Linux community.

The company provides proprietary drivers for Linux for its graphics cards, and has not contributed to the development of driver Nouveau open source. For Tegra chips, NVIDIA has incorporated changes in the Linux kernel under GPLv2 license, however, the graphics drivers GPU that is part of the Tegra chips, remain owners.

Although at the moment NVIDIA does not release the code of your drivers, if you will ever do, which no doubt is that for users of GNU / Linux is better inside than outside. This collaboration will bring some benefit.

Source: The H Open
Image Source: Blake R.

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