Nvidia Drivers for Users of the Mac Pro Released (Download)

Nvidia has Released a New Version of its Drivers for the Mac Pro

One of the main problems facing the user of a Mac Pro is the options available if you want to upgrade the graphics card. Something that seems simple is not so much as the graphics cards used by Apple must contain a rom EFI signed by them to allow start-up and use.

But it seems that this may come to an end. Nvidia has released a new version of its drivers for users of a Mac Pro (model 3.1, 4.1 and 5.1) . And according to some users have noted, the new drivers allow you to use all graphics cards between 9400GT and GTX580 models are both available.

Updating drivers can install a graph a priori only for PC and use it without problems in our Mac Pro (with some limitations as the use of the outputs HDMI ). Just do not have home screen and have to wait until the desktop. But considering the price difference between the options and graphics for Mac and PC I think it’s worth. Apart from having to resort to methods such as Netkas that flasheaban the card with a rom EFI amended, a tedious and not suitable for everyone.

Also this may be an indication of change in Apple policy. Perhaps the new renewal of the range is accompanied by the possibility of using any graphical available on the market. Leaving the user the option to rejuvenate their team with a graphical update, which concerns many insurance professional video editing, 3D modeling, etc …

Via:  MacRumors Forums | finalcutproes 
Download Link: Nvidia Mac OS X driver


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