Nginx begins to Bear SPDY

Nginx begins to Bear SPDY 1

Nginx is a server HTTP and reverse proxy for high performance, developed by Igor Sysoev. It is currently an open source project licensed under a style BSD . Nginx is now the second most used web server in the world. nginx has announced support for SPDY .

SPDY is a supplementary protocol to HTTP proposed by Google , which enjoys increasing acceptance. In addition to services like Gmail and Google Search, Twitter is already used by default in browsers that support it (Chrome and Firefox for now).

Google recently launched a stable Apache module, adding support for SPDY on this server. nginx has been working on the issue and is now providing the first patch in Beta to add support for SPDY .

There may be a while before the function can be considered definitive. SPDY is constantly changing , and some browsers are beginning to provide support in the third version of its specifications. That Nginxhas joined the initiative is very important because of its extensive deployment.

Source: Twitter


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