myBrother: A Portable Printer that Scans, Copies and Prints

myBrother -A Portable Printer that Scans, Copies and Prints

If you want to have a Mobile Office with you, anywhere any time, then surely this invention provide you a strength This is nothing more and nothing less than myBrother: a multifunction portable , allowing you to save space, but above all, being able to do all the work of an office in a size slightly smaller than a desktop book.

As you can see from the design sketches, this is a really small portable printer, which includes within it a roller scanner, with which you can run a quick scan of all invoices, documents or business cards. We also have an internal thermal printer (thermal paper on a roll hidden inside) so you will not need to go over pages when you print or copy any document.

Finally, we add that type mobile phone applications iOS or Android, from which we can print directly via our focumentos scanearlos Bluetooth or even to be sent as email attachments immediately deformed. For traditionalists, it also features USB jack, so that connectivity is maximum. Too bad for now is only in prototype stage, for sure more than one you took out of trouble.

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