Mozilla Stops Development of Firefox for 64-bit Windows

Firefox 11 Beta With SPDY and New Development Tool

Mozilla will not continue the development of Windows 64-bit versions of Firefox. Users are advised to use the 32-bit version. As a reason for the decision Mozilla Development Minister Benjamin Smedberg calls on the developer mailing list , the bad experiences that make a lot of users with the version.

Many plugins are not available on 64-bit version says Smedberg. The plugins that there would make the browser often unstable. Since the team just prioritize other things later, the necessary changes could be made. And bug reports are indistinguishable in the statistics of which the 32-bit versions.

 “The frustration these users because they feel like second-class users (and there are!)” Writes Smedberg.

The nightly versions of the 64-bit Firefox will no longer appear. Once this task than in Bugzilla set was reported to the large number of critical voices. Some users expect to obtain better performance from a 64-bit version and were disappointed.

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