Microsoft Will Update Kinect for Windows

Kinect for WindowsIt would seem like only yesterday started selling the popular Kinect controller for the operating system Windows, and now Microsoft is preparing an updated version – 1.5 with new features.

The most important innovation – a 10-point tracking, or tracking in “sitting mode.” Now the system will recognize the movement of the neck, head and hand of man, no matter – he stands or sits. Such recognition will work in both normal and in the “near” mode.

Kinect for Windows

In addition, the system will be able to recognize new languages – Japanese, Spanish. French, Italian, as well as their “local dialects” such as Canadian French and Mexican Spanish. In the bundle, and users will find an updated version n / a Kinect Studio.
In late May, the controller will be updated in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and in June in 16 countries. The cost of Kinect for Windows at the moment is $ 250.

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