Microsoft Tries Rdio via Skype

Microsoft Tries Rdio via Skype 2

When Microsoft got their hands on Skype at a cost of more than 8 billion dollars, probably the group had forged a strategy that went far beyond the mere acquisition of VoIP service that is in the current phase of integration in different properties of the group. Microsoft, in fact, that operation has established a much broader strategy in bringing home a fundamental step to go one step further and this time to the world of online music.

To understand the full picture of the situation is to combine several pieces: the first is Xbox Music , the service that Windows 8 should bring into the world a new way of thinking about music distribution, and the second is the pair Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, already founders of projects such as Kazaa, Skype, Joost and Rdio hours, and the third is Windows 8, an operating system ready to start and requires a strong coupling in the consumer world to impose its novelty and its ubiquitous solution between PC and tablet .

Hence the rumour emerged in the last hour: Microsoft intends to acquire Rdio and acquire assets, agreements, customers and the experience of the group to bring it within supply Xbox Music.

All the pieces are mentioned together in the new hypothesis emerged (and reported by The Next Web) thanks to a series of dense correlations such that Skype is the centre of everything is the point that combines Windows and Rdio , Microsoft and couple Zennstrom / Friis. The negotiations, although not confirmed, they are already been launched: Microsoft could close this latest operation taking so definitely at home on a service such as Skype has already invested in strategic contacts that are already in place (useful in the future for each integration) and whose potential has yet to be expressed today.

Rdio for its part has already done the dirty work: 18 million tracks available, a streaming service ready for use, an affiliate campaign that directly involves artists, extensive international availability. In one fell swoop Microsoft could make her all this and something more: to bring Rdio on Windows via Xbox Music would multiply the market and the value , so perfectly embedding strategies and creating a synergy immediately converted into cash.

But not only as Rdio has invested in the music world, Vdio is the parallel branch that is trying to build such a reality in the video world . As part of a long-awaited Xbox Video, the deal could therefore be definitively identifying two Windows 8 as the new centre of mass entertainment consumer (and in that sense the presence of the brand and the Xbox console in homes is a strength factor) .

Microsoft’s strategy, in short, takes shape. For now, they are simple hypothesis, but the picture is likely and the potential seems to motivate any bet Microsoft. From which would come for the moment simply a statement of fact:

Do not comment on speculation about Xbox Music. What we can say is that we are excited about Xbox Music as our final music service. It will offer great new ways to have fun, share, and discover new music on each device Windows 8, Xbox 360 and Windows Phone 8. We will let you know when we have new information to share.

Source: The Next Web
Image: Rdio

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