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Have you tried IFTTT ? For those who have done so, and understand what it does on {x} and how it is handled, or at least have an idea. For those who have not used (do not know what you are waiting) I tell you in one sentence: on {x} is what makes you make the phone in your pocket and it already knows what to do, or do what you do not get it out of pocket . Ambiguous? Yes, let’s explain a little more.

As I said, and even more abstracted, on {x} automates our lives. Create recipes  that perform an action when it does what we want . For example: increase the volume of notifications / music when we’re on the street, send an SMS or open a notice reminding that tomorrow we do a year with our partner when we come right next to the florist, as we cycle, we do not late anywhere, it is not raining, the traffic is cleared to park at the time, the flower shop is open … and there is news that a meteorite has fallen into it, that is the level of detail we can get … and even more . 

“This will be for programmers ultra-experts to carry 8 years as a Senior C # Developer and will be only in C # because it’s Microsoft”.

NO, nothing is further from reality, not for programmers (although it can be programmed with JavaScript) is to users whose only requirement is knowing how to use a web browser and install an application on your Android , the platform that is available exclusively at the moment, have the lowest security measures of the three big (well, we were not expecting!).


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