Microsoft Device Center for Central Peripherals Management

Microsoft Device Center for Central Peripherals Management

Microsoft has introduced a new tool to manage peripherals such as mouse or keyboard, called Device Center . Compatible with Windows 8 (which has gotten more than a million downloads a day), the panel aims to unify all settings in the mouse or keyboard in one place, by way of simplifying all the features.

In fact, with Device Center combines two Microsoft technologies whose names may sound to you: Intellipoint and IntelliType. It can configure mouse actions and keyboard for general use of the system and, separately, set the actions of these accessories to behave in a certain way with every application you’re using . For mice and the Arc Mouse Touch will mean a good lead.

At the moment Device Center is in beta version for Windows Consumer Preview 8 and only in English .It is difficult to predict who will be part of Windows in its eighth version goes on sale later this year. And with the advent of the interface meter, any solution that would simplify things Windows and infinite versions are more than welcome.

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