Why Linux Does not Need to Defragment Your Disk?

Why Linux Does not Need to Defragment Your Disk? 2

Unlike Windows computers using those with Linux operating system do not need to defragment your disk regularly . This occurs because different operating systems use different mechanisms for storing information.

Defragmenting a hard drive

For those who do not know what is defragmenting a hard disk will tell you it’s like reorganizing all the files stored in the.

A simple example is that of our own room: every day we leave things here and there and storing more and more objects. This is very good, but there comes a point where we no longer have to put more things and can hardly walk.

At this point it’s time to order or defragment the case of computers. We can no longer walk or there is no place to put more things not to say that there is no place because after we ordered new space and continue maintaining the same amount of stuff. Defragmenting basically works the same way.

Why Linux Does not Need to Defragment Your Disk? 3

File Management in Windows

Windows on their new versions has changed the way you manage your files in earlier versions but the organization was quite poor (though it still is) and so many of the PCs need to be defragmented .

In Windows 98 and Windows ME files are added one after another as in a single file on disk to complete. If we need to expand a program the new file will not be placed next to his brother but will go to the end of the line. This return is to be understood as slower processes of the PC . It is therefore necessary to defrag to rearrange this information.

Why Linux Does not Need to Defragment Your Disk? 4

In Windows XP and Windows 2000 it had a small change. Here the process is carried out similarly except that every time you install or add something to the hard drive that leaves a space between file and file. Thus we have extra space to store more information if you update a program or folder.Despite this, the space is usually not sufficient and should defragment your hard drive .

In case you want to defragment your hard we recommend using Defraggler instead of native Windows tool as it is much faster and more efficiently.

Why Linux Does not Need to Defragment Your Disk? 5

File management in Linux

Linux does not have a revolutionary process for managing information but it is much more efficient than Windows.

In Linux each time you insert a new file operating system leaves a very large space between file and file. This allows us each time we update a program or folder have enough space to let this new information.

For this reason we did not find disk defrag tools for Linux as it is not necessary unless you count with 90% of the disk busy.

Why Linux Does not Need to Defragment Your Disk? 6

Defrag in Linux

In the worst case we need to defragment a disk in Linux as best we can do is copy all files to an external drive, delete existing ones and copy them back to disk. This Linux reorganize all the information to the PC running at peak performance.

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