Intel Official Docs to Confirm The Processor Specifications of Ivy Bridge

Intel 6 series chipset compatible with Ivy Bridge

News from MWC 2012 World Mobile Congress understood that the third generation of Intel based on the release of the 22nm Ivy Bridge processor time have been identified to be delayed than originally planned. While Intel will continue to April 8 announcement of the new LGA 1155 interface 7-series motherboard, processor release time has been postponed from April 8 to April 29.However, detailed information on the Ivy Bridge processor exposure is still continuing. Recently, foreign media SweClockers through view Intel’s official website to understand, Intel through the PDF document for the first timepublicly confirmed that the Ivy Bridge processor type and configuration information.

Foreign media, form almost listed the documentation that came with Intel’s upcoming processors, including the lower TDP of Sandy Bridge frequency upgrade to the version of Core i7 mobile version out 22nm desktop version of Ivy Bridge, processor Core i7 – Core i5 mobile version for laptops and some Core i5 and Core i7 chips.        

Desktop processors, Intel plans to launch more than 17 Ivy Bridge processors are dual-core or quad-core Core i5/i7 are 3000 series, the integration of HD 2500 and 4000 graphics core.Mobile processors, a total of 11 models, including two or four core Core the i5/i7 are 3000 series processors, the most high-end, an integrated HD 4000 graphics card.        

For overclocking enthusiasts, Intel will launch the unlocked version of Core i7/Core i5 3770K and 3570K processor. The former has a default frequency of 3.5 GHz (Turbo overclocking up to 3.9GHz), 8MB cache and multi-threading capabilities, while the latter has a 3.4GHz clock speed (Turbo overclocking 3.8 GHz)., 6MB cache, Hyper-Threading support.         

The news that the new Ivy Bridge processor uses a new “Tri-Gate” (triple-) 3-D transistor technology and therefore has a lower TDP rating than the second-generation processor.Intel claims that, in working condition through the use of advanced manufacturing technology, the power consumption of the pipe can be reduced more than 50%, greatly reduces the overall power consumption of the CPU. At the same time, the new display of core HD 4000 and more powerful, and will support DX11 for the first time.         

The news finally, Ivy Bridge processor for Intel’s next generation 7-series motherboard (Z77, Z75, H77, and B75), and is also compatible with the existing motherboard socket LGA1155 6 series chipset.

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