About New Innovative Business Solutions from Dell

Innovative Business Solutions from Dell

A new series of high-performance business solutions developed by Dell in order to help customers to achieve faster results. 

Today’s organizations face rapidly changing and often unexpected needs and require integrated solutions that allow them to quickly respond to the needs of their customers.

Our customers require high-performance infrastructure that is manageable and help them achieve their business quickly goals. Today we present a new series of datacentre infrastructures that combine fundamental capabilities across the entire range of products, from servers to storage solutions and networking “, said Brad Anderson, Chairman, Department of Enterprise Solutions Dell.

 This was achieved by a series of strategic acquisitions, such as Force10 and customer-oriented design and development of the new 12th generation PowerEdge servers and storage solutions, providing complete infrastructure with a common, high-performance core networking. In conjunction with the second generation of embedded systems management on our server, Dell provides one of the most powerful and easy to manage datacentre infrastructures in the industry.

The most powerful and easily manageable servers in the history of Dell – 2nd Generation Integrated Management The Dell announced a full range of blade, rack and tower server PowerEdge 12th generation designed to perform critical business applications. The Dell has designed and built the 12th generation servers with the comments of more than 7700 talks with customers in 17 countries on four continents – focusing on the needs for innovation to achieve business results faster. The new Dell PowerEdge servers, seamlessly integrated with the solutions and Dell Storage Networking and provide innovations such as:

Faster convert data into knowledge: Dell lays the foundation for the expansion of the Fluid Data Architecture servers. With Dell Express Flash, the first in the industry, directly accessible, hot swappable PCIe technology drives solid state, which are connected directly to the server, the Dell provides up 10.5 times more transactions / second to Microsoft SQL Server, compared with stored in conventional hard diskous2. The accelerator data Dell CacheCade offers up to 28 times faster queries in databases Oracle3.

Immediacy and automating key systems management functions: Dell expands its capabilities in systems management, with the second generation of integrated tools for servers that facilitate the installation , updating, monitoring and maintenance of the server throughout his life. This widening of systems management capabilities from Dell is expected to utilize the functionality of the 11th generation of servers, which saved its customers Vitacore approximately 43 days per year in time management systimatos4.

Increase energy efficiency to give life to the data centre : Continuing the tradition of providing the most energy efficient datacentre in the world for Microsoft Bing and others, Dell gives a new impetus to all Datacentres the 12th generation PowerEdge servers.

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