HTC Develops its Own Mobile Processor

HTC Zeta: A Quad-Core 2.5GHz and Android ICS

HTC has decided to follow the example of its main competitors in the face of Apple and Samsung, and to develop its own processor for mobile devices. The difference between the Taiwanese project is that it creates a chip designed for low-end smartphones.

According to the publication China Times, HTC is not going to work on a new initiative on their own, it has attracted to the creation of the new processor experienced partner. Make smart phones has already signed a memorandum of cooperation with ST-Ericsson – the development of mobile processor will be conducted jointly. Apple and Samsung, which occupy a leading position in the smartphone market, already have in their arsenal of proprietary processors – chips series Ax and Exynos respectively. These chips are used for the production of its flagship product, while HTC is going to use this solution for smartphones budget category. Deliveries of the first devices on the new chips are expected in 2013.

The reason for the new initiative is a growing dissatisfaction with the manufacturer of smartphones to its long-term partner in the face of Qualcomm. Processors from the company at the heart of HTC smartphones over the past few years. The first signs of dissatisfaction with the company showed at the official level in February this year, when he first introduced the product based on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 – This quad-core chip used in the American version of the new flagship of One X. And in the budget segment of an adequate alternative to Qualcomm smartphone maker is not found, so it was decided to address this issue on its own.

Involvement in the project ST-Ericsson and the development of its own low-cost processor can be a sure way for HTC to fully enter the market of entry-level devices. Until now, the Taiwanese manufacturer produced primarily premium products, while the company’s presence in the market of smartphones cost was minimal. However, the electronics market is not standing still, and companies such as Samsung, ZTE and Huawei have begun to produce a very low-cost devices with a sufficiently serious for its price specifications.Competition in this segment are minimal, and HTC has been forced to respond.


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