If You Want Flash on Linux you Have to use Chrome

If you want Flash on Linux you have to use Chrome

Recently my partner Gallego told us about the plans you have Adobe Flash , citing that the intention of the company is having the player version 11.2 for the first quarter. This is positive for all users except for those using Linux, then this will be the last version that will draw for the system of penguin.

So is discontinued Adobe Flash for Linux from version 11.2 , but security updates will continue for five years. However, this does not mean you can not have an official version of Flash in the system, as we find in Chrome.

The thing is this: Adobe has been working with Google to develop an API call plugins latest PPAPI (or Pepper) to replace the current one. Therefore provide the Mountain View for a special version of Flash based on this API that will be included in Chrome for all platforms . Yes, including Linux.

Thus, unless we resort to alternatives such as Gnash, the only way to view Flash from Linux will be through Chrome. This player embedded in the browser will also benefit from the improvements to be including in the new versions for its development will be constant.

For my part, I welcome this move by Adobe. However, considering to where we want to focus and flash back are suffering in the land where they once dominated (like video), I think the injury is not as great. If things keep progressing as usual, it may soon not even we miss on the web. Although there is still your thing, hopefully the use of Flash is reduced before the fifth anniversary of security updates.

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