The Fiber will Thunderbolt this Year

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The current interface Thunderbolt works with copper and still offers a bandwidth of 10 Gbps. But since its launch we knew that sooner or later end up adopting optical fiber .

This change will significantly improve the quality of the signal, then talking about a bandwidth of 100 Gbps , and not only that: also improve the transmission of information in long cable lengths (talking about tens of meters ), but all at the expense of a price that may be even greater.

Perhaps this improvement when using fiber optics come together with one of the rumors that have been most active over the past few days: Thunderbolt on PCI Express 3.0 . Evolution is logical is currently working with DisplayPort 1.1 and 1.2 and PCI Express 2.0. As these two interfaces evolve, Thunderbolt will too.

Thunderbolt and fiber optics

With this information we have two questions. On the one hand, what improvements we get to spend 10 to 100 Gbps if the hard drives use a fraction of that bandwidth? Much will have to improve the storage devices (whether traditional hard drives or SSD ) to use to complete the current Thunderbolt, which I doubt will make in the coming years.

And second, how much will a cable with optical fiber Thunderbolt? If the current EUR 25 cord exits the subway … I do not imagine we will have to pay for evolution. Fortunately it seems that we will soon have an alternative to Apple cable .

Via: PCWorld


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