Failure Rate of Computer Components

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Like every year, there are good and bad surprises. Examples in which the products can also provide our Mac:

– The RAM is a very reliable component. Crucial gives a rate of return of 0.23% while the lowest ranking, Corsair still manages to 1.44%. This was the period of a memory that has cursed his leaden figures with a return rate of 12.87%. Yet this is a relatively basic memory, the DDR3 1333 2×2 GB kit

– For graphics cards are always the high end are the least reliable, Geforce GTX 580 and Radeon HD 6950/6970. Beware though, in the PC card manufacturers frequently deviate from the reference design to lower costs or boost performance which affects their reliability.

– For hard drives it has a return rate of 1.23% for Samsnug, 1.63% for Western Digital, Seagate and 1.89% to 3.95% for Hitachi. Again, as often it is the large capacity disks that are the least reliable, Seagate with the palm of unreliability with 9.70% returns for its Barracuda XT 3 TB

– For the SSD, Crucial has become the most reliable (0.82%) to Intel (1.73%) impacted by the bug of 8 MB of its SSD 320. OCZ still loses reliability with returns of 7.02%. OCZ is the only one to have references with returns of more than 5%, 10 references in total the worst model is the 240 GB Vertex 2 that was returned in 15.58% of cases, an absolute record in the same genre if the situation had improved at end of year thanks to a firmware update making the discs less prone to breakdown.

While manufacturers pull down the guarantee of certain products such as hard drives are all far to offer products of similar quality. Beware though, except perhaps for Hitachi and OCZ are accustomed to bad this hit parade rankings often varies greatly from year to year certain products born evil leading to high fluctuations.

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