E-Reader Market : What’s new?

E-Reader Market What's new

In a few years, if the attention to technology you’d no stranger to the term e-book (electronic book) or e-reader (e-reader devices)

Although iPad and other tablets with extra functions to read but appears more and more specialized electronic devices for reading e-book reader retains its position by lower prices, more compact, and the significant improvement of the E-ink technology makes the text displayed on the screen like paper e-reader so much more than before .

The concept of e-book reader is becoming more popular in the era of digital technology development today. When you own a dedicated reading device, the user simply done through some simple movements, such as internet connection, search and download titles, is able to read right away, but no longer takes time to buy real books.

As the first professional play HD content (HDplayer) for Christian movies, users easily store hundreds of thousands of books (or on the files) on the e-reader with about 300 kb size for a file content, usually a book. Kinh domains will no longer thick books, or take the preservation of your titles, users can read anytime, anywhere, any genre favorites at any time.

The biggest advantage that the e-reader device is not inferior compared with the tablet, or other portable device can read (Portable Media Player) that is capable of displaying. Most of the e-reader available on the market today have the technology to use e-ink display technology replaces the older generation LCD screens.

In theory, e-ink technology (stands from electrophoretic ink) based on millions of tiny particles called microcapsule, positive or negative charged. With these particles, the user will see the text and images displayed in the form of white on a black background plate no lights below. This helps the user feel like the content is read directly on the “white paper with black ink” and help reduce eyestrain phenomenon as for the LCD screen. This is the main reason that the claimant actually purchase e-reader. These displays consume very little power, almost only use energy to turn the page or using keys. So the e-reader often has to use a long time, once loaded pin can be used all week, or in standby mode, many weeks.

Limitations of e-ink is hard to read the text in the light, and want to use at night shall be light outside.

Not limited to simply reading features, the e-reader that offers a few more small functions such as web browsing, music … Also, by focusing on features to read, less functional Women should have the form e-reader on the market price is also quite easy to use and “reachable” for a new technological device.

Buy E-Reader matches

In fact, the eBook Reader Market is in very rich with many different options in terms of form, style of performance. Most machines are the size of a page with e-Ink screen – came from a company in Cambridge Massachusetts. The problem is that you’ll choose which are very common Kindle or options from other brands? Itself to computer manufacturers such as Asus, Apple also introduced several models of e-books. Rumours that Apple is planning to launch the iPad 7 “specifically for reading electronic books. Here are some things you should consider when choosing this particular device.

Wi-fi or USB?

Many forms of electronic book reader only supports the wireless fixed broadband.Typically the Kindle uses Sprint’s EVDO in the U.S.. So if you bring them back to Vietnam, the only way you can put on your books is through USB connection. This obviously is not handy with a purchase directly through wireless communication anywhere, anytime – completely independent of the computer.

International buyers can not qualify to buy the machines as the Amazon Kindle DX unless they have a fixed address in the United States. Even if you have relatives from the U.S. households purchase, you will not be used with any other data networks and are forced to copy data into the computer via USB. In this case, more likely to buy a cheaper model to use USB just like the Sony Reader reasonable. In fact, many models of electronic book reader sold specifically for each country. Typically BeBook present primarily in Europe, while Fujitsu’s Flepia only for the Japanese market.

Other formats

Most of the eBook reader supports all popular formats including HTML, TXT, MP3, JPG … The war in the world’s eBook format mainly occurs between. AZW of Amazon and open ePub format. While not support ePub Kindle almost all other kinds of favors this standard.

In fact this very influential to the user. Numerous publishers of electronic books using ePub – including Google’s bookstore. With the advantage of “open”, ePub allows publishers to create better products. AZW of the Amazon. Besides, ePub is not locked by DRM annoyances. So you will want to be with any of the war? With Kindle, you get good support and bookstores (legal) with all major attractions of the Amazon title while the other product lines will create comfort in use. Itself a new Apple iPad also use ePub as the official standard for their bookstore iBook. Of course, the personalized content can be transferred to any device through the HTML format, JPG or TXT.

Not only is reading

Besides reading, you still want to use your machine for? If the book is the only requirement, the cheaper models will better support this demand, but more often they will not do anything special. If you want to read personal blogs, or view the magazine online you will need devices like Kindle. The reason is that Amazon allows users to use the blog on this series. Plus, with Wi-Fi connection, the machine also allows users to surf the web pretty well. You can also choose models with Linux by just a few tips ‘hack’ can allow you to run multiple applications very convenient.

The ability to play music

MP3 playback is often a luxury features on the model e-reader before. However, this feature increases the value of an e-reader, so the book says (audio book) is not too rare. Besides the high-end devices such as iPAQ and Nook Color, the units of the Sony e-reader and Amazon also supports playback of music and audio books.

Bookmarks and notes

Mark and notes are very useful features. In the feature learning and support the work of the e-reader, the ability to highlight (highlight), and mark up the text is extremely useful. Trends insert notes on the margins of the references in the same way that “bookworms” do with their paper books became common, so, if your goal is to read thoroughly and carefully, please pay more attention to this feature.

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