Dropbox Doubles the Space at the Invitation

Dropbox Extra 32GB Space

Dropbox , the popular online cloud storage service, announced that it has increased the possibility of getting extra storage space if you invite some friends to use the service. From now on for every invited friend who will be persuaded to install Dropbox, you can get 500 MB of free storage  to be allocated immediately to your account. You can invite up to 32 people, so you have 16 GB of cloud storage potential extras.

The Pro account , granted to those who decide to pay a subscription time, but will receive 1 GB for every friend invited , therefore, for a maximum of 32 GB of extra space available. Dropbox previously offered “only” 250 MB more for those who could convince someone to use the cloud storage service. Evidently the growing competition in this field, which will soon see the landing even a giant like Google , has convinced the company to raise the bar with regard to user support, so it does not “flee” to beaches that offer better prospects. The budget proposal is all word of mouth on the lever, lever obviously essential to know and appreciate the service according to viral dynamics.

To invite your friends to use Dropbox you can connect to the appropriate page hosted on the official site and select one of the methods of sharing. You can choose the classic or email one of the most popular social platforms like Facebook and Twitter . Finally there is the possibility of creating a custom link to be provided as a virtual invitation to offer to other people. Encouraging them to install Dropbox, the MB or GB of extra space will be automatically associated with your account.

Source: Dropbox Blog

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