Dropbox 5GB Free Gift if You Try a Beta Version Camera Upload

Dropbox 5GB free gift if you try a beta version Camera Upload

Dropbox is an online storage service is quite familiar to us now as it helps to store and share files quickly between devices or between multiple users with each other. In the latest beta, Dropbox added a new feature that is Camera Upload. The pictures and video in the gallery will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox account users. In the first image is uploaded, Dropbox will add 500Mb to your right. Then you go ahead and download pictures and videos to Dropbox.

When full 500MB download images and video, a similar number will be offered to account. Just doing this to expand our Dropbox drive because the maximum for these tests up to 4.5 GB. Maximum upload rate per day is 180MB but because it is in Beta stage Dropbox lets users upload comfortable, as much as you like.

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