Crossfy : A Bridge Between Online and Offline Contents

Crossfy - linking content printed with digital content

Technology has changed the way we consume content, and will continue with new proposals that emerge over time. One of the most recent, which was also a sponsor of last Campus Party Brazil, is Crossfy, and its technology aims to unite the printed content to digital content. And how could it be otherwise, the mobile terminals here are once again the protagonists together with augmented reality.

Technology Crossfy identify patterns within the images and print ads and display associated content through mobile terminals. The editors, focus of Crossfy, who want to use the technology, shall pay an annual license for access to the platform, while Crossfy allow their technology is incorporated into third-party mobile applications. Crossfy already have a few clients who have an interest in its technology, including two newspapers and a book.

In this way, users can view digital content, whether text, audio or even videos, that are associated with printed images, through our mobile devices, which could have repercussions not only in advertising but also in access to other content.

We leave you with your video presentation:

Link: Crossfy 

More Info: TNW


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