Created Universal Glasses with Adjustable Lens

Created Universal Glasses with Adjustable Lens 1

Points Eyejusters can be worn without prior consultation with an ophthalmologist. Points are self-regulating and are suitable for people suffering from myopia, as well as those who have developed far-sightedness.

The principle of action points Eyejusters very simple – instead of a single lens for each eye, they use two, that gives a total of four lenses. With a special clip, built in the one of the handles, you can adjust the slope between them, thereby adjusting them under his eyes.This clip is removable and can be inserted into both the bow for a more fine-tuning of the lens for each eye. Design points Eyejusters classic, and they are suitable for both men and women.

The lenses used in Eyejusters, called SlideLens. With a wide angle of displacement relative to each other, they can help even when vision -5 diopters. Accordingly, with hyperopia can adjust the angle between the lens up to 5 diopters. According to statistics, most people have this vision is within these ranges.

Originally developed for glasses Eyejusters developing countries, where often there is an acute shortage of medical specialists, including ophthalmologists. Not being able to consult a doctor, many people have to suffer because of poor eyesight, and watch as it gradually deteriorates. Now, according to Gizmag, Eyejusters Points can be purchased in many countries around the world, including U.S. and European countries. Because they are designed for poor countries, they are quite inexpensive – only $ 40.

Experts recommending glasses Eyejusters, offers a simple test to determine the ideal position SlideLens lens relative to each other: you first need to identify the presence of myopia and hyperopia, then put on sunglasses and try to read any text in a standard size font. In the process of reading is necessary to tighten up rollers on both sides to achieve the optimum position of the lens. Next will be only a matter of choice of color frames, which are usually resolved fairly quickly.


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