Create an Audio Book in Minutes with AudioBook Stitch

AudioBook StitchThe creation of audiobooks is not a really complicated task, especially since all Mac programs as great as Garageband . However, one thing to create an audiobook without creating a product and one with a decent finish.

AudioBook Stitch is an application to use for creating audio books, rather it is a program designed to “collect” several chapters or recordings for all of them a book.

Thus we can use the GarageBand itself for creating and editing audio tracks, or even QuickTime Player, and then create the different chapters of our book from the application.

Finally we can add a description and image to illustrate and complement our book. An interesting application both for people who want to start in that world, and for those who have individual tracks and want to join them. The application fee is unfortunately  its biggest problem because it is priced at $ 5.99 .

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