Congested Start-Up Screen of Windows 8 Metro-UI Flopped!

Congested Start-Up Screen of Windows 8 Metro-UI Flopped-1Since then, Microsoft has the Windows Developer Preview 8 available fordownload, there were some complaints about the start of the new Metro-screen UI. One of commentator criticize, the new design due to “Mess of Icons” . To such criticism, Microsoft has now responded.

It looks strange that the QA (Quality Assurance)  team of Microsoft Certified the HCI  (Human Computer Intraction)  of Congested Start-Up Screen of Windows 8.

Congested Start-Up Screen of Windows 8 Metro-UI Flopped-2

In building Windows 8 Blog writes Marina Dukhon, Senior Lead Program Manager of the Core Experience Team could look exactly like the improvements. First, however, she defended the new feature in Windows 8 so that the current start menu in Windows 7 would be very ineffective as well – especially when mixed up various sub-folders and programs.

The reason for the change of design was the assumption that Windows 8 is still more programs for Windows will be available, as was the case with Windows XP or 7, or is.The new design must be able to adapt to the increasing number of applications and it was with a start menu as it is known from current Windows versions, only with difficulty. With a new design proposal has the Windows-8-team, but criticism taken to heart and introduced a new screen apps. Whether the new idea, but really a step forward or not is made even then. It is also certainly not the last word that was spoken on the subject. The Microsoft article goes further into depth and explains the ideas that have been made for the layout. Microsoft, with such contributions are very open and call for further dialogue on the tester. They want to ensure that users are aware that Windows 8 is not ready yet.What do you say to the proposal? Improve or remain less than optimal? Or like the Metro UI as it is now? Or Is this interface Flopped ? What you think! 

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