Best Mobile Apps of This Week

The Best Mobile Apps of the Week There are we have best mobile apps of this week:

1: Sparrow ( IOS ): Application of the week without any doubt. Having triumphed in style on the Mac, Sparrow, a mail client with an outstanding performance and usability has come to IOS. Technically it is very similar to the official client but with many improvements, the thread view shows both sent and received (one of the most unforgivable shortcomings of, sliding your finger on the message open a series of shortcuts and has integration with Facebook for the management of avatars. Imprescidinble. It costs $ 2.99

 2:Zuma’s Revenge ( IOS ): Zuma is a creation more of this great PopCap development studio called responsible, among other games like Bejeweled or Plants vs. Zombies. It has long been available for desktop and since we missed an application that exploited all the advantages, especially the touch that has IOS. Adaptation is the name Zuma’s Revenge and is so addictive, frantic and fun as its predecessor. It costs $ 2.99 the iPhone version and $ 4.99  the iPhone version , which also applies to the iPhone.

 3:Siine Keyboard ( Android ): An alternative to the keyboard’s most successful official Swipe, which allows us to write by sliding your finger across the screen. Siine part of a similar idea, to write faster, but by using icons. Although it can be used as such, is not intended as a primary key but to respond quickly to common phrases like “What?” Or “Where shall we meet?”. Interesting test. Free

4: N64 Emulator ( Android ): One advantage of Android over other operating systems is that it allows in its app store certain things that others could not happen at all. An example is the Nintendo 64 emulator that apart from a nostalgic return to our Android works surprisingly well. From the classic Super Mario Perfect Dark to have been testing some with quite acceptable for a mobile phone. Free

5:IMDb ( Windows Phone ): One of the advantages of Windows Phone is getting to applications with a more stern in IOS and Android have here however a spectacular appearance. IMDb is the case that the fact becomes immersed in its huge database cinematic visual experience. Free

 6:Ocell ( Windows Phone ): The official Twitter client for Windows Phone is not bad but has some flaws as absurd update limit. In search of an easier option and looking a bit more discreet Ocell found, a simple client that still lacks some details but has some features and usability that make it my clear favorite. Create columns with our listings to switch between them easily using the Windows interface Phone and protect not to publish accounts in one by mistake. Highly Recommended. Free

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