Apple is Trying to Patent iPhone Glass

Apple Opens a FAQ Section for all ProductsApple is considering the establishment of the heir to the iPhone is fully glass enclosure. This became known from the patent application, which the company has filed with the American Commission on Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The application describes a portable device in the body, or made of solid glass tube, or composed of two glass plates. Not necessarily to the whole body was transparent, but the whole – of glass. Of course, this is only a patent, and he has not even received, but then the first information about the iPhone leaked outside the Apple patent application due to the “phone with painted buttons.“Illustration of the patent contains an example of a glass device, strongly reminiscent of one of the first players iPod, but it is nothing more than an attempt to conspiracy. In the patent application states clearly that the material of the body should be able to skip the radio. That is, we are talking about a new communications device.

 iPhone Glass

It is interesting that modern technology can bring the device is described in the patent application, Apple. Some modern varieties of glass are superior in strength materials used for the manufacture of shells typical smartphones. The truth is this glass is more expensive, but in the case of Apple is not so important. But the glass case can be made seamless and airtight. Well, look, and such a device would be innovative.

Via: Engadget


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