Is it Really Necessary to Use an Antivirus?

antivirus-1Computer viruses have more than 40 years living among us and our computers. These malicious programs that seek to access our data to harm, steal, or just bother, have remained unwavering threat in the world of computing, and become increasingly complex.

Not only viruses are a threat. The malware is any software that infiltrates malicious computers without our consent, and that can take many forms: viruses, worms, Trojans,rootkits , spyware , adware , etc..

So if there are hundreds of thousands of threats waiting to infect and destroy, is not responding to the question itself that we do in the title of this article?

Yes, and no.

We know that the operating system is mostly affected by these threats is Windows , but this is not completely bound by the operating system itself, but to its users. That Windows is the most popular system in computers for decades, has motivated the creators of software to malicious attack strongly and take advantage of its many weaknesses.

One reason why Windows is so popular is its ease of use and focus on common user who has little or no knowledge of computing. This feature has always been a double-edged sword, since it is precisely one of the reasons why these people are easy victims of malware . When the user takes a minimum of knowledge about the proper use of a computer, this threat can be neutralized almost completely. ‘s not about closing the bridge, but to prevent people haul it.

Is it really necessary to use an antivirus?

The answer depends on the case. And to answer it better, we will identify the possible scenarios.

In the case of a personal computer that is only used by the owner , and no one else has access to it.Protection antivirus is only necessary if the user’s habits warrant. By this I mean that if the user does not know how to use your computer , ie: has habits of irresponsible navigation, open any email without suspecting that the prize of one million pounds may not be true, makes you click on any banner that has the word free written; enjoy the free porn offered by the Internet sites full of advertisements of dubious reputation which is deceived and led through a loop infinite deals nude hiding “something fishy” etc..

So not only need antivirus, you need someone to teach you to use the computer, and soon.

In the case of a shared computer , antivirus is almost always the rule, except that all users are fully competent beings with minimal knowledge about computer security, the more users touch a machine, more risks.

The truth is that if we follow some tips to defend the malware , and while no one else has access to our computer that we use an antivirus running permanently in our system, consuming resources, can turn out to be completely unnecessary.

Living without antivirus


In my case, I installed a virus on my computer from about 2009-2010. Why, ’cause I do not. The tools are antivirus software heavy, expensive and consume a lot of system resources, because they remain vigilant all the time running in the background. Following some of these tips I leave then you can also start your new life without antivirus, and use that extra memory for something more productive.

Do not be “trigger happy” : You do not need to click on everything we see when we surf the Internet. In 99% of cases when a banner ad it says that something is “free”, it is not.
not download as program gives you troubleshoot your computer, improve your internet speed, free space on your hard drive, you free phantom threats, scan your system for errors, add a screensaver with fishes, save a kitten in distress, world peace, etc..

No, the answer is no. All these “wonderful deals” are just waiting to infect your sólito accept, through misleading strategies, offering lies to access your computer and hurt you.

Be wary : the email is one of the main gateways for malware . Do not open emails from unknown senders, and less when the email in question is meaningless for you. Banks never, never ask for personal information in this way. No free money in Internet. You are not so lucky, lottery you never participated, you’re sure to never send you thousands of dollars. If you do not know, do not click on that link. If not please, nor look.

If you know the sender and asks that you download email attachments, be sure to check that that person really sent you those files. Many times our acquaintances are infected with malware that sends emails with malicious content to all your contacts, to spread quickly. If you have no idea why Maria and Pedro would be sending you links to marketing courses, ask before opening the mail.

Promiscuity : if your computer is going to have relationships with others, ideally you do use protection.If you look at the situation from a friend or colleague with you some information on a removable storage media such as a USB flash drive, SD card, or an external hard drive, you should be aware that these devices may be infected with some kind of malware that happen to your computer as soon as you open it.

These cases have an antimalware tool to scan the device before opening it, it would be ideal. I highlySpybot Search & Destroy . But there are tools to scan files online for viruses , as the great Total Virus , so you do not have to install anything on your computer.

Another incredibly simple way to remove infections of a removable media is to open a Linux distribution. If casually accounts starting with dual-boot Linux distro or have any installed on your computer, the best you can do is always open external devices from it. Simply deleting suspicious files whose names do not make sense for the owner of the memory stick, just to get rid of them.

Maintenance : may happen that no matter how much protect ourselves, how good it browsing habits, which we have done as ninjas with tiny time to find the actual download button on a site with 9 different buttons, like our system is infected . The malware has evolved so much that it is sometimes impossible to dodge everything. Therefore, although we can live life without antivirus watching all the time, we can not spend eternity doing maintenance on your computer. The preventive maintenance can help in this case. And the combination of anti-malware tools like Spybot Search & Destroy and Malwarebytes can clean your computer from malicious bugs in minutes. Besides offering immunization against thousands of other threats.

What do you think, is it possible to live without antivirus?, What other recommended practices to avoid getting infected with software malicious?.


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