Amiga in HTML5 and Javascript

Amiga-Emulator-html 5

The “Scripted Amiga Emulator” brings the Commodore computer into the browser. Some demos and games are also able to run in the browser already.

Rupert Hausberger developed an Amiga emulator in HTML5 and Javascript to games and demos for the Amiga to play directly in the browser. However, this requires a fast computer and a modern browser, WebGL, and Webaudio Typed Arrays support. According Hausberger of the emulator in Chrome runs fastest in the first test and some of the games were quite playable in Google’s browser, even if the music obviously depending on CPU usage varied in speed.

Moreover Amiga Kickstart is required in a version 1.x and 2.04 between what Hausberger may settle but not without infringing copyright notices. Instead, he takes up the free version of Aros kickstart back.

Hausberger it comes to his open-source project – the code is available on Github – about Amiga classic in the web browser to make it available. He also wants to offer an API to control the game, so that the Scripted Amiga emulator is also a demo player. Even as the emulator browser benchmark could be used.

Scripted the Amiga emulator currently runs except in Chrome in Firefox and Opera, but not in Internet Explorer or Safari as the browser does not support all of the techniques used.

Under provides Hausberger his emulator ready along with some games and demos, including Alien Breed, Barbarian, Battle Chess, Lotus Turbo Challenge 1/2, South North’n, Pinball Dreams and Pinball Fantasies, Prince of Persia R-Type 2, Terminator 2 and Turrican 1 to 3 In addition, some programs work, including DevPak, DPaint and Workbench 1.x and Workbench 2.04.


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