Amazing 3D Foam Art Milling Machine

Amazing 3D Foam Art Mill MachineWe saw a lot of 3D printers in recent times, however, does not mean that the milling / CNC has its place. The latest induce our knowledge comes from Arthur Sacek of Education of Brazil ZOOM for all time, a company 13 years of age, groups with LEGO Education to develop innovative learning solutions. Sacek designed a device of this excellent almost entirely with LEGO bricks, all that LEGO form one side of the chainsaw.

LEGO milling machine, basically, the alternative of a 3D printer, it takes a little time to deliver the finished product. As you can see in the video and then insert a block Sacek floral foam, the kind you see on the floor of floral arrangements to stay the whole time, and the printer goes to figure, cut layer by layer. Since the layers of foam still feels at the height of the first part when the printer has been completed by issuance, Sacek took a vacuum tube and sucked all the loose bits.

He took on 2 hours and 24 minutes to end the printing of the merchandise, yet the result is exceptional. Compared with the first 3D image Sacek showed early in the film, the resulting type is a reproduction 3D explicit.


Sacek said in comments in the YouTube video that you can publish a summary of how the device works, and said he is not as laborious as expected. Sacek, a novice programmer, used NXT. Said to be a real 3D printer that had to be linking with another NXT to the computer programming language. That they want to work together in finding a replacement material to use, and a replacement algorithm.

We have seen the LEGO elements used before to create a pancake-making robot that moves like the LEGO 3D milling. It’s wonderful, just what amount you will be able to do with the little plastic blocks. Other projects, such as the sintering mill Solar is operating within the same way by reducing the layers of fabric to create a solid object into the goal. in the case of sintering Solar, the 3D printer utilizes hot sunlight from the desert of Egypt literally smooth away in a container with sand, so a glass object.

The world of automated 3D creation is endless, as is the world of LEGO creations. 2 along the plan to build a strong team.


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