6 Hidden Features in Windows 8 that you Can Not Miss

Windows 8 will speak very much of your time to learn it and make you become a professional user, because in addition to the application works just like Windows 7, Windows 8 delivers many new shortcuts, Car options and tips built into the operating system.Here would be a few hidden features in Windows 8 that you can not miss if you want to become a smart user.

1.Start Menu mystery

Microsoft has replaced the old ball Start with a tiled Activities page containing this application, but the so just spot Start Menu – right-click in the lower left corner on the screen to bring up a list of Quick links to the Control Panel, Task Manager, the list of programs and other important areas of the system. From here you can search for the file, open the Run dialog box, open the File Explorer and many more amenities.

2. Automatic Backups

New in Windows 8 File History, it works similar to Apple Time Machine technology, automatically log the old version of the file that you want to restore when needed. This feature is not enabled by default, so you will need to open the system and security in the Control Panel to display and run this feature. You will also need a second hard drive on-hand to save your file version history. After everything is set up, it works automatically.

This useful feature will become a lifesaver if you lose the magic file photo memories or value of a work week.

3. Application Mix Metro

Windows 7 allows you to capture each specific part of the screen, but Windows 8 to deliver a further step-Metro-style Start-page containing the application (such as humans and weather), it is shown the left or right edge of the screen, and they will be transferred to a special mini mode at the same time. This means that you can check the forecast while working in Photoshop, or keep an eye on your Twitter while sitting crushed the numbers in Excel. Click and drop any application of Windows 8 at the side of the screen to give it to a dock, then drag the black border to restore full screen view.

You can also create two Metro contains the Windows 8 app to display at once.

4. Synchronization everywhere

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 8, you can still use your old user account, together with the new features available with Windows ID.

The first thing is to login with this ID (which is one of the service account you use for Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Hotmail / Outlook.com). This application will help you to synchronize email and pictures easier, and it will switch to Windows 8 setup instantly to any location you login. If you have Windows 8 computers in the home and in the office, this amazing application will quickly retain your preferences, desktop wallpaper, Internet sites that you bookmark to the data key from the old version. This amazing feature allows you to choose what to do what to synchronize in the settings of Windows 8.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts

Snipping tool introduced in Windows 7 is still present in Windows 8, but there is an easier way to capture the screen, press the Windows button and PrtScrn at the same time to take photos and all photos will be switched on in a screenshot folder.

Press Win C to reveal Windows 8 Charms. Or Using Win key X to display the Start menu secret we mentioned earlier. Next is the Win key D to switch to other applications on your computer from anywhere in Windows 8.

If you are using full-screen Windows 8 application, right-click to return to the list of applications. Left-click on the upper right corner of the Start page to arrange your tiles or application layer into the column. It is the off-key you use Windows 8 support a useful way

6. The Easy Re-install

Re-installing Windows will become more difficult with the confusion surrounding the use of product keys, DVDs and backups. It can take up to half a day. Therefore, Windows 8 has streamlined the entire process to be completed with just a few mouse clicks. The first is the link to change the computer settings from the Settings tool Charm. Next to the General tab, you will find the command “Refresh your PC” or “Remove everything.”.

Click option to restore the settings of Windows as well as personal documents, your files and we will sync intact. If Windows is running slowly, or have problems with the installation of the operating system, or an error in installing hardware / software, the first statement would be the appropriate choice for you

Second command option will help you to completely re-install, paying all your files and wipe your hard drive (so you will need to make sure that you want to backup your data). Remember, the second command is only used when you have a serious problem with Windows (such as a virus or a ton of spyware).

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