3D Mouse Without Additional Buttons

3D Mouse Without Additional Buttons 1

The GEN is a 3D mouse from Space Control which is equipped with a ring around the actual control knob used to select and trigger functions to allow – as with an ordinary mouse buttons input device. So far, the 3D input devices from SpaceControl were numerous additional buttons littered.

The software “Wheel Function Launcher” (WFL), the function of the rotary wheel can also be expanded. This allows the assignment of the rotating wheel is not only changing, but up on the screen a context menu.

The wheel is moved below the control knob, the surface of the WFL appear on the screen. With further rotation can cycle through the available functions and then releases just to trigger the selected function. Then the on-screen display disappears. The software supports applications Investor Autodesk, AutoCAD, Catia, Cinema 4D, Google Earth, Siemens PLM, Solid Edge, SolidWorks and 3D Studio Max.For more information about application support, Study the manufacturer online published Material .

The GEN weighs 550 grams and requires a footprint of 90 x 65 mm. The input device is connected via USB 2.0 with a 1.8 meter long cable to the computer. Drivers for Windows from XP are included.

The manufacturer expects the availability of end of December 2012 or early January 2013. The Space Control GEN will cost around 140 euros.


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