20-Button Gaming Mouse by Logitech

20-Button Gaming Mouse by Logitech 2

The new Logitech arm received 20 additional keys, including 12 special buttons on the sidebar, below the thumb. For these keys provides custom lighting with more than 16 million color combinations, and several modes of operation. Napirmer, periodic color change, fading after a pre-set period of time, etc.

Each button can be  programmed to execute sequences of commands that are stored in internal memory. And thanks to the G-Shift, you can double the number of actions assigned to each key. For the manipulator developed three pre-gaming profile. Two for fans of MMOs and the third purpose.

Resolution of the mouse  the user can change during the game ranging from 50 to 8200 dpi. Dimensions Logitech G600 constitute 118h75h41 mm, weight – 133, the device connects to the computer six-foot USB-cable.

The manufacturer promises that the new button to withstand 20 million keystrokes and the mouse itself, “will run” on the table no less than 250 kilometers.

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