New world Record of Free Skydiving

Came from 21 different countries, 100 athletes parachute jumping out of five separate aircraft at an altitude of 13,000 feet (3962.4 meters) above Perris Valley in Southern California 22/9 past in a efforts to get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

New world Record of Free Skydiving  2

 The members jump out of a plane from a height of nearly 4000m

Each member wears a “wingsuit”, which includes long cloth between their arms and legs, allowing them to fly horizontally, as well as slow down the time they fall to the ground.

New world Record of Free Skydiving  3

These “wingsuit” help they can fly and the long fall to the ground

This is the first time an unrestrained skydiving from an airplane dressed “wingsuit” form has been sent to the record-breaking associations. One hundred athletes have proved they are the real diamond when trying to set a new world record.

Bay than 3 km at speeds of up to 128km / h, the team members closer together and organize the team into a giant diamond could not believe the sky.

New world Record of Free Skydiving  4

New world Record of Free Skydiving  5

Im 100 members forms a giant diamond in the sky

The event was organized in part by Raise the Sky, a non-profit organization bringing elite athletes parachuting into local schools to talk to children about teamwork, goal setting and achievement, how to face fear in the flight.

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