“Tron 3” is Underway

Tron 3 is Underway‘TRON’ will be a trilogy . There were doubts because Disney has not made money that was intended to ‘TRON: Legacy’ (2010) but the third installment of the project is ongoing and seemingly on track. We have confirmed Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis , writers and producers the second part of the third, who say they have already read and discussed a first draft script ‘ TRON 3 ‘or’ TR3N ‘ written byDavid DiGilio .This was manifested Horowitz:

They are working on a sequel. Eddie and I will not be writing it for the show, but we will be co-producers. it.

While the news threw Kitsis DiGilio:

Dave actualimente DiGilio is writing the screenplay, Joseph Kosinski is filming Oblivion, but we had lots of meetings and discussions and we have seen the first draft. Sometimes movies are not as fast as you wanted. Joe was always for Oblivion before this film and films moved slow. Our goal is to get something that runs smoothly.

For now, of course, have not revealed anything about the plot but have dropped that Kevin Flynn, the character of Jeff Bridges , will reappear in the sequel, which will explore the concept of life and death in the world cyberspace.

Also sensed by short statements (fearful of reprimand by the study) that Joseph Kosinski will return to the staging, once you are ready his second directorial effort, another tale of action and science fiction entitled ‘ Oblivion ‘.

 Horowitz and Kitsis have refused to give dates but recently issued a forecast of actor Bruce Boxleitner (Alan Bradley and Tron) was confident that the release could occur in 2014 . Sounds a bit early but it is possible as ‘Oblivion’ should be in theaters on July 19, 2013, allowing Kosinski start shooting the next installment of ‘Tron’ that year.We’ll see. In principle, with Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Cillian Murphy, Bridges and Boxleitner to the deal. Disney Can you count on your support or as you pass from this story?

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