Surprising Results of 39th American Music Awards!

Surprising Results of 39th American Music Awards!The Results of 39th American Music Awards were very much surprising there was nothing as predict.In the category “Artist of the Year” vied show business stars such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry,Taylor Swift, Adele and Lee Ueynd. Critics predicted the victory of Adele, who won an award just for her album “21”, recognized as the best in its genre. Skeptics, in turn, believed that by inertia the people will vote for Lady Gaga but Taylor Swift won  most prestigious award for “Artist of the Year” at the 39th American Music Awards,which is awarded on the audience voting basis.With this award Taylor Swift proved that she is most favorite artist of American public..The actress did not hide emotions and appeared on the scene, trying to cover up his arms wide open mouth of surprise.

Last year, American Music Awards triumph was Justin Bieber, but this year he did not even make the top five favorites of the American television audience and appeared in only one category – the best singer in the style of pop. However, there music lovers prefer him Bruno Mars.

Taylor Swift is recognized as “Artist of the Year” in 2009. On Sunday evening, she raised three times on stage  as well as the best singer and creator of the best album in country music “Speak Now”. In this genre, she reigns for several years, and the American Academy of Country Music has officially recognized for her championship.

A slender blonde is rapidly ascended to stardom. In October 2007, Swift was recognized by the international association of songwriters in Nashville, the best performer and the author of the year, becoming the youngest in the history of the prize winner. A year later, Taylor has won the award “Grammy” Best New Artist.

In the same year her album Fearless won first place in the Billboard 200, selling 592,000 copies in instances, and setting an annual record. In 2008, Taylor also won the “Young Hollywood” in the category “Future Superstar”.

The singer, who grew up influenced by her grandmother – an opera diva – did not have bad habits, and even, on the assurances of the media, never touched alcohol or cigarettes.

Three consecutive years, People magazine is making its list of 100 most beautiful people in the world. According to recent statements made by Swift, her heart is not busy and she only corresponds with one person, “who, perhaps, be my boyfriend.”

Another surprise presented Minazh Nicky (born Onika Maraj Tanya), which was awarded the American Music Awards in traditionally male genre of rap and hip-hop. Her rivals in the performance were Kanye West and Lil Wayne, and competed with another album and Jay-Z.

Singer, to break into the top, with the album “Pink Friday» (Pink Friday), went up on stage with curly hair in pink hair. She is known for his bold experimentation with the image, but insists that no clothes makes the man, but that in his soul.

The singer, dressed in flowing green skirt and black top, getting up on stage again – tears.

She repeated ,”I can not believe it” .

Beyonce and Rihanna were the winners of the year in the genre of Soul / R & B, Jennifer Lopez won the audience in the “Latino”, the most popular rock band of the year was Maroon 5 Los Angeles, and most yarkami novice artists the Americans call pop-rock band Hot Chelle Rae. It was established in 2005 in Nashville, Tennessee, the hometown of another winner of the competition – Lady Antebellum, who became the best in the style of “country”.

Awarding ceremony was held in Los Angeles and broadcast live on ABC television on Sunday evening. American Music Awards winner is determined by popular vote. The prize is awarded in eight categories, was conceived in the mid-70’s as a competitor Award Grammy, rewarding professional community.

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