Shakira Revealed the Secret Name of her New Album

shakira picturesShakira’s new album will be called «Shakira». This singer said on her page on Facebook. Release plate is scheduled for 25 March 2014.

Singer explained the choice of name that while working on the album, she explored different styles and directions with different musicians and “learned a lot about myself.” According to the singer, the collection will include songs, which will be “a little bit rock, a little folk, a little reggae and, of course, a bit of dance music.”

There latest single – «Can’t Remember to Forget You» Colombian singer released in collaboration with Rihanna. The song was published in the English version and Spanish. As previously noted singer, «Can’t Remember to Forget You» the new album. Full track list is still unknown.

Record «Shakira» will be the ninth in the discography of pop singer. Shakira’s latest studio album titled «Sale el Sol» was released in 2010. It included songs in both English and Spanish.

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