Salman Khan, Does not Like Being Called as “Bhai” Especially From Girls.

Salman Khan, does not like being called as "Bhai" especially from girls.Salman Khan, most  eligible bachelor of Bollywood does not like being called as Bhai(brother) especially from girls.His  most of  bollywood co-stars refer him as bhai and  now it has become very much  popular even his fans also began to  refer him as “Sallu bhai“. Salman Khan dislike girls calling him ‘bhai’ except for Alvira and Arpita his two sisters. Now salman is fed up of this bhai bhai and he showed his dis likeness towered this word  when in Dubai at an event,one of the south Indian actress  referred Salman khan as ‘Salman bhai’, the supper star  quickly but politely told her,

Don’t call me bhai! I have got two sisters that is more than enough!

That was not it ,except his own brothers or close ones Sallu not only  from girls but even does not prefer anyone other call him bha. Suniel Shetty who was also present at the event when he  called him “bhai” Sallu   replied,

Sohail and I were five and 10 years old when we came to your wedding why are you calling me bhai?

Hahahaha, good jock salman bhai, oops!

45 year old Salman khan who will turn to 46 at end of this  December , still  the craze of girls towards him remains high and he doesn’t seem keen to get married still. We will have to wait to see who is going to be that lucky one who will enter in Sallu`s life as his wife.

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