Robert Pattinson no Longer Wants to Play in the “Twilight”

Robert Pattinson no Longer Wants to Play in the TwilightBritish actor Robert Pattinson doubts whether the re-play the eternally young vampire Edward Cullen, if Stephenie Meyer (author of a series of novels “Twilight Saga”) decides to add another part. This is Robert, said in Berlin at a press conference on the debut show of his new film “Bel Ami”Very interesting, what else would write to Stephanie, but I may be too old for this role – said Pattinson told reporters. – I’m not so young, but I still wonder. “

 25-year-old star visit at the Berlin International Film Festival was accompanied by crowds of screaming fans, however, was not caused by idle curiosity. Berlin International Film Festival is not only remembered – and some people and not so much – the new box office hits, and star names, but Robert Pattinson new haircut.Someone’s cruel hand of completely shaved Gothic hair, Smash as many girls’ hearts, and a convex skull of Edward Cullen appeared before millions of fans in all its brutal nakedness. But one change of image is not limited to – presented by British actor film”Bel Ami” was shot on the novel by French writer Guy de Maupassant, has little to do with Pattinson’s famed saga. The actor arrived at the Berlinale 2012, in order to attend the premiere of the movie”Bel Ami”, which played the main male role. The film was loosely based on the novel by Guy de Maupassant.Interestingly, the new character Pattinson was a huge step away from where he established the fair and open way in “Twilight.”

New hypostasis became an adventurer Robert Georges Duroy, using charm and beauty to entice well-known in high society beauties and move up the career ladder. As a former soldier, he meets everywhere only disrespect and contempt.Resentment stimulates the thirst for revenge, wealth and power and virtuosity into a distinct advantage, an incentive that move only forward Georges

“If someone has wronged me, then charged with ambitions in the next 10 years … But now I’ve grown up a bit … Well, actually I’m not so terrible, and – said Pattinson. – These characters rarely appear in the movie, because he has not repented in the final. It was very fun to play, but I do not think that the opportunity to experience a particular pleasure again. “

Working on the historical nuances of the role, Robert was struck by the similarity between the tabloid press of the XIX century and modern media, just obsessed with the desire to get into the personal lives of celebrities. He also said he intends to lure most of the huge army of fans of “Twilight” saga on the shows “Dear friend”.

“You can do everything for the audience, then repeat once more try to get the same money. But if you’re really interested in people as an actor, then the new stories will undoubtedly be successful. “

Let us recall at this time cinematic “Twilight” saga has five films. Four of them are collected in the amount of approximately $ 2.5 billion in worldwide box office. The last part came out in November 2011 and became the highest grossing film of the fall.

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