Review of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Illusions

Review of Uncharted 3: Drake's Illusions There are  thousands of words, but this variety is very easy to select the desired characteristics for the series Uncharted .Its published pieces were spectacular, dynamic, bright and funny in places, but the best of them fit the definition of “safe”. Yes, the first two Uncharted were absolutely safe in terms of business risk, they just could not get across the footlights. And  Drake’s Fortune , and in  Among Thieves players waited for travel to exotic destinations, the mysteries of ancient treasures and the character named Nathan Drake, who clearly was frightened in case of danger, but the joke and mow enemies right and left. And it’s sometimes so embarrassed when dealing with the fair sex, that, on the assertions of female gamers, it would pull on the crown, as the charming puppy. Agree, Uncharted – not just hit the target audience. This is a real “Headshots per”, which does not give any chance to PlayStation 3 owners to stay away. If you have this home console next to it for sure there are two boxes with Uncharted. Get ready – after November 1, to be joined by another.

The plot ” Uncharted 3: Drake’s Illusions “again sends Nathan the footsteps of the eminent ancestor, Sir Francis Drake. Employees Naughty Dog took another win-win solution – select for each part of a new visual theme. Previous Uncharted was the realm of cold and white as a treasure hunter investigated the Himalayas, but now it buried in the Arabian desert. This means that players waiting for the ocean of yellow sand, wind-torn villages, dry wells and mirages in the hot air. The scheme for constructing the history remains unchanged: Drake discovers an ancient cross on the map and rushes to find out, not buried a treasure on the specified coordinates. Pre-hero becomes a powerful way for an opponent, whose resources are sufficient, for example, to seize and hijack an aircraft carrier. Nathan is going around the charming fellow squad. Is a series of fights with savory slap in the face, shootings and chases on different vehicles, which lead to the discovery of the next artifact. What else you need players to be happy?


Uncharted 3  is true traditions of adventure films and adventure novels, so the action will unfold not only in the desert, but in many other equally beautiful places.Together with Drake and his team will walk you unknown tracks the London Underground, not just slip on the deck of a sinking ship and catch up with soaring plane jeep. All locations are made ??with such zeal that sometimes wants to turn around in one patch, enjoying an abundance of details, the play of light and shadows, and, of course, water, pursuant to which the reference is not a sin to call. Many sets also transformed: French chateau set on fire collapses on its bustling corridors of the huge spiders, and holds the sinking vessel rapidly fills the water. Often the path to salvation is literally disappearing before your eyes, and the search becomes a new priority. Solve it much more interesting than to participate in the shootings. Alas, since the first part of the weapon in Uncharted does not evolve. The difference between a Kalashnikov assault rifle and a pistol is minimal: both he and the other with the sound of Christmas crackers toss the yellow lines, which pay little attention to the enemies.Review of Uncharted 3 Drakes Illusions

Despite the dynamics of the game, from the inquisitive gaze is hidden the fact that the game is particularly good in those moments when the offer to postpone the controller and take a break from jumping from one ledge to another and firing at the die-hard opponents. At  Naughty Dog are working great artists and underprivileged directorial talent people, but under the weight of them, of course, delicious creative interactive episodes Uncharted 3 , the language of motorists stalled. So far, only a little, however, see ” Illusions Drake “is often more interesting than actually take place. Stereotyped story writers very cleverly compensate for self-irony, and between the lines talk about the motivation of hunters crazy, bursting headlong into the next adventure. Dialogues take away the characters fit in the quote. They are so well supplied that sometimes it seems as though you’re listening to a record of real conversation.


Some industry leaders believe that the story in a videogame is not useful for more than a pinch of arsenic, thrown into a bowl of soup before lunch. Since 2007, members of Naughty Dog has successfully prove the opposite. They have reached such skill that even the Harrison Ford when meeting with the ” illusion Drake“admires:” It’s so cinematic! “. Arguing with gave us the image of Indiana Jones film actor is meaningless: Uncharted is really more like a movie than a game. However, there is a feeling that the developers ran into a certain threshold, after which their child would burst the seams, and it splits into two components – the gameplay and storyline. The difference between them is noticeable now. In the videos bruised groans Drake, performing acrobatic sketch, in another episode, earnestly looking at the woman he loves, and she stroked his arm and escorts on a trip. But under the leadership of the player Nathan turns into a car not knowing weariness of death, after which the corpses of many locations to export vans. All clear – the cost of the genre.But perhaps it is time something to do with them ?

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