The Review of The Movie 26/11

2611The Attacks of 26/11 is about the Mumbai attacks that took place on 26th November 2008. The movie mainly revolves around 2 characters. one is Nana Patekar, the joint commissioner of police and the other is Ajmal Kasab (Sanjeev Jaiswal), who was the only terrorist captured after the holocaust. The movie 26/11 starts from terrorists who were hijacking the boat and then all the attacks in this movie are shown serially and it ends with Ajmal Kasab who get hanged.

Artists Performances:
Nana Patekar is exceptional as a police commissioner who narrates the story from the start incident by incident in front of the higher authorities. In this movie his acting is all about subtle expressions and brilliantly written dialogues. We can see the old Nana Patekar whom we saw in great movies like Parindey and Kraathiveer. Another sensational performance came from a theater artist from Delhi Sanjeev Jaiswal, who portrayed the character of Ajmal Kasab one of the terrorists in the attacks of 26/11. He did his job exceptionally well as a terrorist and delusional Muslim who believes in jihad wants to sacrifice his life for it. After his performance it is pretty much evident that Sanjeev will persist for long in Bollywood.

Technical Aspects:
Background score of “The Attacks of 26/11? is very intense and always keeps you engaged to the screen; movie wouldn’t have been so gripping without such music. Maula Maula song is very compelling and suited the scenario credit goes to the composer Rushin.

Camera work of the movie is outstanding. Ram Gopal Verma, who is always known for peculiar camera work did a very good job in this movie showcasing the attacks of 26/11. 16 cameras have been used for this movie and I can say all of them were perfectly placed.

Settings and Make up were also very realistic. On the whole the movie is technically very well complied.

Movie starts off with Nana Patekar narrating all the incidents to the higher authorities. It starts from terrorists entering Mumbai by hijacking the boat from a fishermen group and then they split up in duos and start the shootings in 4 different places. Each attack is shown very realistically backed with brilliant camera work showing the barbaric acts of the terrorists who seem merciless killing every person they see right from diseased old man to a 2 year old baby. First half ends with terrorists attacking 3 places and police being clueless.

2nd half is where police come active and deny the terrorist attack on a government hospital and capture Ajmal Kasab. Other places which were under the attack will come under control after a commander operation which is not shown in the movie. The movie’s climax is very well written by the director and is equally well enacted by Nana Patekar and Sanjeev Jaiswal.

The movie’s violence is very raw but that makes us emotionally connected to the movie unlike the violence in other masala movies where you will be disgusted.

On the whole all I can say is The Attacks of 26/11 is a must watch for every Indian. Lot of people still don’t know what kind of attacks exactly happened and how did they happen, Ram Gopal Verma never strayed from authenticity of the incidents and showcased them very intensely and responsibly. You will never feel bored while watching the movie. It’s a perfect break for the Bollywood to come out of mindless money spinning movies.

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