Reveal the Shape of the Playstation 4

ps4-videoSony has released a teaser in the form of the Playstation 4, apparently a cube, although we’re not entirely sure (may be an overhead view of a device closest to the shape of aMac Mini , for example). On the eve of the announcement of the new Xbox , the company has shown a first look at what will be their next generation console.

As technology advances the importance begins to focus ecosystem formed around a company or an operating system. While Apple and Google have done with iOS and Android respectively, starting to grab an increasingly larger gaming, Sony, Microsoft and Nintengo start fighting to find more value added to their consoles.The commitment, in part, has been to dominate the living room of the house and become “entertainment center” for the entire family that goes far beyond the games, but still fail to hold in that field.

The biggest problem, especially for Sony and Microsoft, with the next generation consoles is that we are entering a time when the physical form of the devices, and even the technical characteristics are becoming less important and therefore it is difficult offering sufficient reasons to make investment of more than 300 U.S. dollars / euros to buy another apparatus for the house. Yes, it is clear that there is a very large niche players who require plenty of power for their games, but that niche is becoming slowly eroded by what ever is cheaper than building a PC with next generation components coupled with distribution bets asSteam .

We’ll see what Sony has to offer at E3 and Microsoft morning during the announcement of the new Xbox.

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