PlayStation 4: The First Announcement of the Xbox 720

PlayStation 4With PlayStation 4 , Sony is absolutely determined to get ahead of the direct competition and ensure that there is no longer the same mistake that was made to launch the current generation, when he saw a PS3 debut delayed compared to the Xbox 360 and initially had trouble being off the market.

The news is not official, but sources within the Japanese giant would communicate to VG247 that Sony is sure to be able to anticipate the release of the new Xbox , now known as the Xbox 720 . For this reason, PS4 – codenamed Orbis – should arrive in stores on Christmas 2013 , while the major developers are already in possession of the first development kits and attenderebbero indeed the month of June to attend the special events organized by the group just in an attempt to update them on the new platform.

It therefore seems possible that the PlayStation 4 will be officially unveiled during the ‘ E3 2012 in Los Angeles, as each year will take place in June, an ideal opportunity for a big announcement that will surprise gamers. As to the technical specifications leaked so far, there are rumors of abandoning the complicated architecture of the Cell processor to choose AMD, as well as shifting to DirectX to align the new console to PC and perhaps Xbox 720.

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